Friday, December 28, 2012

Celebrating the Birth of the Christ King

Take it from a dog like me, Christmas can get pretty silly at our house sometimes!
Here I am dressed up like a reindeer. Some say I look like Max in "The Grinch that stole Christmas."

Then, sometimes they put this silly stocking cap elf hat on me!
Do you believe I have to put up with all of this just to get a few dog toys?
I really enjoy opening presents! Here's a video of me opening a teddy bear toy I received this year.

And, then there is my favorite Christmas toy! 
We've had this for years!
Watch these two videos of me playing with it:

Sometimes I like to pick it up and carry it around, but we haven't been able to get a video of that yet. Would you like to see it? What do you think about these photos and videos? Do things get silly at your home at Christmas too?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas! The nativity scene has snow on it!

It's snowing (and sleeting) here! We went out for a little walk. I ran back to see if "the boys" were outside. That's what Kristen calls the dogs at the house behind us. I barked, but they didn't come out to play.

We cleaned the snow off baby Jesus in the nativity scene and I had my picture taken with my jacket on.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peeking at presents

When they weren't looking, I started doing a bit of peaking at the presents!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Victory Lap

Someone (L.C.) posted a comment in one of my earlier blog posts here that she would like to see me take a victory lap when I got home from the hospital and was feeling better. (I guess I take requests :)

Well, I've taken a few laps and now we have one captured on video!

So, you can see now, I'm all better!
And, the vet called last night, no more canned Dog food!  HOORAY!

Thanks for your prayers!

Any other requests for blog posts?  :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blanket House

Even though I have long hair, it's starting to get cold and I feel it.
I just went outside and I needed to warm up.
So, I found a blanket on the couch that made a nice place to warm up. I crawled underneath and got under there where it's all nice and warm!

My family always teases me that I'm going in my "Blanket House."

I've been known to find any blanket (or blankets) lying around, then I go under and inside there to get cozy.
I once went in a whole stack of blankets.
You'd know I was in there because you can see the blankets all moving around.
Here I am peaking out so that they could take a few photos.

Stay warm!
(P.S. I will tell you one secret, between you and me. I also find that if someone is sitting on the couch and gets up to go do something that is the best time to go and take their place. That's always a nice warm spot!)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sneaky me

My cousin Ranger came to visit today. He stayed here with me while everyone went to Grandpop's 90th birthday party. After he left, I found some of his kibble left over. Even though it's not what I usually eat, it tastes much better than the special diet dog food I'm still trying to finish up. So, I started snacking on that! Yum!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a bee-utiful day!

I like words with "be" in them.
Because it sounds a bit like my name: Toe-bee!

Today is one bee-utiful day!

I watched while my "pack" was working in the yard. They thought they had me "stumped" but they "wood" find out I was pretty smart! I "branched" out and found a good vantage point!

I'm adding a bonus. This photo below was taken a few days after those above. Actually, those were taken on Nov. 17, 2012. The one below was taken on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 22, 2012). This one is taken from my vantage point on top of the same log while I was watching my pack play Kubb (the Swedish outdoor game of tossing things - look it up! It's lots of fun for the "two feet" folks)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meat is good to eat!

I'm slowly getting better. I can tell I'm not quite 100% yet, because I can't jump up on the coach to nap without some help. I'm still on my special diet. I don't understand why, but i haven't received one treat since being in the hospital. I'm only getting this canned dog food. Although I do get a little cheese with pills in it, I didn't even get one piece of the great smelling pot roast that Ruth made for Henry's birthday! Not even one little scrap! Unusual, don't you agree?

You may not have known that dogs like me write poems. Here's a little poem I wrote:

Dog food in a can,
One of the worst creations of man
It smells really bad
And tastes even worse
Of it, I am not a fan

But, give me meat
Now that's great to eat
It has the best flavor
From my human, it's the best favor!
It makes me happy from head to feet!

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. (Psalms 100:4, 5 ESV)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dog food blues

I've got the dog food blues! I know I'm supposed to eat this to get better, but how do they expect me to eat this food? It smells and tastes like DOG FOOD!

I did have this nice blue band-aid on my paw. It matched my harness really well. Now that I have it off, I feel embarrassed! I look like I have a poodle cut! Just to set the story straight, I'm a Dachshund. I'm of German descent, not French!

I'm relaxing at home and have had visitors already. Kristen and Blake brought me a card. We will try to post a video of me opening it.

I'm not 100% yet, but getting better. Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hooray! Home again!

I'm happy that I'm home! I get to be with my pack again in our den!

The first thing I did was to drink my water!

Not enough energy to do a victory lap yet, but probably tomorrow :)

Thank you for your prayers!

I'm out of the Hospital!

My family came to pick me up! I am so happy! My tail is wagging so much! I have special food and some medicine. They took good care of me and I sang Happy Birthday for them before I left! They will keep their eyes on me for a few days to make sure I'm good! Thank you for praying for me!

Toby is coming home today!

The vet called just a bit ago. Toby is only mildly dehydrated now and ready to come home this evening!

Standby for a homecoming photo!

What photo(s) would you like to see of Toby?

Toby update Fri 2012-11-09 10am

Vet just called. Hydration going well. Toby is perky and back to himself and vocal (happy) when he sees the Dr. X-ray looks good! Hydration will continue today and one more blood test for total protein. Plans for Toby to come home later today, about 5PM or so! We will need to keep an eye on his digestive system and feed a special diet next 7-10 days.

Stay tuned for a welcome home photo!
What pictures would you like to see of Toby?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toby update 2012-11-08 5:30pm

Vet called just now. Toby is steadily improving. His total protein in his blood test (using a blood chemistry analyzer Henry worked on more than 20 years ago) is very high, so Toby is still very dehydrated. His digestive tract is much improved and no longer any sign of a foreign object anymore. His spleen has contracted more and is closer to normal size. He needs more hydration overnight and a small bit of food for his digestive system. Doc is thinking Toby will come home tomorrow! Thank you for your prayers! Keep on praying and checking here for updates! Sign up here for updates to automatically be sent to you.

Toby Update 1:46pm Thursday 2012-11-08

The Vet just called - Here's the update on Toby 1:46pm Thursday 2012-11-08

We received an update that things are looking better. The spleen is still enlarged, but contracted even more. They're keeping an eye on that. The gas pocket seems to be lessening. Something is attached to the barium as it travels through his system. Toby has been good for the vet. Vet says he's good mannered and comes to him when he opens the cage for the next x-ray.  (We told him to have someone sing happy birthday with Toby when he's feeling better).

The Vet said he wants to do another 2 more hours of x-rays to see if this all moves through his system.  He will call us in 2 or 3 hours.

Toby update Thurs 2012-11-08

Toby is still in hospital. Vet called a few times. Toby ate some last evening and was perking up a bit (good sign). IV fluids and meds seem to helping. This morning's X-ray showed spleen is reduced in size so surgery to remove it is no longer being considered (Hooray!). Still a gas pocket near stomach exit into intestines. Vet starting barium series this morning: X-rays every 15 mins first hour followed by 30 mins thereafter. This should show if there's any blockage and also barium is therapeutic to intestines, so should also help. Vet should call with update about 1pm. Chances of survival are high! God is good! Keep praying!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Please pray for me (Toby)

I haven't been feeling well a few days, so I went to the vet today. I have to stay overnight and have an IV of meds. I had a blood test (using the VetTest blood chemistry Analyzer that Henry helped design) and an x-ray. The Vet is very nice. He held me as Henry and Ruth left. Please pray for me. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toby for President

Toby did his patriotic duty to vote today. He's not telling anyone who he voted for.

We are wondering if many people might have wrote him in in the ballot.

Toby's platform includes:
• A dog bone in every house
• Meat on the table every night
• A warm cozy bed for every dog
• Treats without taxes
• Squirrels to chase all day

Would you vote for a face like this?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Going outside in a hurricane is NOT for the dogs

I'm not too fond of going out when it's all windy and rainy like today. I get all cold and wet. I don't really want to go out when it's warm and cuddly inside. But, they tell me I have to go out. Then I come in, shake off, and go straight to the kitchen refrigerator for a piece of cheese! I don't like hearing the wind blowing outside; I keep wondering if it's something I need to bark at. It sure is nice inside though! And, I'm getting a treat now, so I have to go. Stay dry!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Toby Celebrated again today with his friends: Richter and Ranger.
Here are some photos and a movie:

 Dad made me pupcakes: Yellow Cake, Butter cream icing, and jelly inside!
 What?  only one candle? I should have 10!

 I just really ate some of the icing
And, Here's where they sang Happy Birthday to me!

The Neighbors across the street also brought over a card and some presents. I really enjoyed opening them and found out there were treats inside!  (unfortunately, we didn't get photos ). Also, yesterday, I received a card in the mail from another family of friends! I think that may have been my first birthday card I got in the mail!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toby's Birthday Song
Toby is 10 years old today 2012-10-20
He had a apple cider doughnut, dog biscuits and his favorite: A Greenie Bone!

Toby really likes to sing "Happy Birthday," even to himself.
Whenever we sing the song, he joins in!

Toby is Ten Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Toby!

Today is his 10th Birthday! 
This is our gift to Toby. We're setting up a blog for him.
We took this photo of him today at the pumpkin patch.
Isn't he a great dog?
Please comment on and "follow" Toby's blog. We hope to post more photos and videos here.
Let us know what you'd like to see!