Friday, December 28, 2012

Celebrating the Birth of the Christ King

Take it from a dog like me, Christmas can get pretty silly at our house sometimes!
Here I am dressed up like a reindeer. Some say I look like Max in "The Grinch that stole Christmas."

Then, sometimes they put this silly stocking cap elf hat on me!
Do you believe I have to put up with all of this just to get a few dog toys?
I really enjoy opening presents! Here's a video of me opening a teddy bear toy I received this year.

And, then there is my favorite Christmas toy! 
We've had this for years!
Watch these two videos of me playing with it:

Sometimes I like to pick it up and carry it around, but we haven't been able to get a video of that yet. Would you like to see it? What do you think about these photos and videos? Do things get silly at your home at Christmas too?

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  1. Very cute!! Couldn't tell who was having more or Toby! Merry Christmas to Toby and all the Wills!!