Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blanket House

Even though I have long hair, it's starting to get cold and I feel it.
I just went outside and I needed to warm up.
So, I found a blanket on the couch that made a nice place to warm up. I crawled underneath and got under there where it's all nice and warm!

My family always teases me that I'm going in my "Blanket House."

I've been known to find any blanket (or blankets) lying around, then I go under and inside there to get cozy.
I once went in a whole stack of blankets.
You'd know I was in there because you can see the blankets all moving around.
Here I am peaking out so that they could take a few photos.

Stay warm!
(P.S. I will tell you one secret, between you and me. I also find that if someone is sitting on the couch and gets up to go do something that is the best time to go and take their place. That's always a nice warm spot!)

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