Thursday, June 20, 2013

Out of surgery! (Guest blog post)

This is Henry guest posting for Toby

The vet just called. Toby is out if surgery and doing well. He had to have 4 teeth pulled and has some stitches. He will be there until Saturday early afternoon. He's still sedated and resting.

Here's a photo I took of him this morning when we took him in. He's getting weighed on the scale. He was 11 pounds (1 pound more than the optimal weight vet told us a few years ago). I guess he'll be doing more exercise like me!

Thanks for your concern and prayers. We always need prayers! God is good!


  1. Love the guest post!! Tell Toby we hope he gets well quickly! Have fun exercising together! Carolyn and Jay

  2. Yes! We're rooting for a quick recovery Toby! You'll be home soon! Love, Lisbeth.