Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Trackable!

Well, my Alpha got me a trackable tag, so now I'm "trackable!"

Geocachers who find me can log their find here.
The trackable tag came in a package like this:

Alpha-Henry put it on for me! Here's a photo of it on my harness:
There is a number on the other side of the tag. In order for people to log that they found me, they need to sign in (or sign up - basic membership is free) on and then they can put the number on the back of the tag into the website.
So, check back at this link every now and then and hopefully you'll be able to see who found me!


  1. Trackable Toby...I like it! I've never gone geo-caching before (shame), but maybe you'll have to be my first geocache mission, Toby!

  2. Can people come on your property to find Toby? That could be interesting!! Looking forward to geo-caching with you, Ruth, and Toby!!